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What is B+E+S+T?

B+E+S+T is a professional association of members who have a desire to keep on top of emerging trends and technologies and the willingness to share expertise with each other across Provinces. Members helping members is how we share best practices, tips and tricks with each other at our Annual Conference each spring, as well as personal connections (phone calls, emails), providing a network of resources to one another. 

As an incorporated 501(c)(3) association, B+E+S+T empowers our members through networking and education to value our ministry and to support the ministry of our bishops and the wider church. 
We are over 30 years strong – In 1988, our first conference was held in San Francisco with initial funding and support from Archbishop Edmond Browning.  There were approximately 60 members at that first conference.
With a current membership of approximately 130, our members are the primary administrative support persons for active bishops of the Episcopal Church.  Guest members include the primary administrative support persons for active bishops in the Anglican Communion (outside of TEC) and any denomination in communion with The Episcopal Church (TEC).

Our association is supported mainly by our bishops, the national church (ex: Presiding Bishop’s office, Church Pension Group, etc), and our members.

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